New poll shows you’re tired of Russian investigation

There’s a new poll that shows almost two-thirds of you think the investigation into President Trump’s ties to Russia are actually hurting the country.

The results were unexpected to say the least, especially by the people who were conducting the poll. Harvard-Harris poll co-director Mark Penn told KTRH he was surprised.

“People asked for those investigations. Seventy-five percent supported a special counsel being appointed,” Penn said with surprise.

Penn also found 56% of you think Congress should move on to other issues. Political analyst Jim McGrath thinks the results show you've had it with the whole thing.

“That doesn’t affect the quality of life of a single American. There has been a lot of innuendo but there has been no proof,” McGrath explained.

And KTRH's Sean Hannity thinks the tide has turned against the Democrats.

“It’s actually now boomeranging back. The left; they are the ones guilty of committing the very things they have been accusing the President, and people that are close to the President, of,” Hannity said on his Fox News Channel show this week.

Even some Democrats say they'd like to move on from this and focus on things like the economy. Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, who ran for minority leader last year, has been at the forefront of that group looking to move on from the Russia affair.

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