Texas Added to California Travel Ban

A new chapter has arrived in the seemingly endless rivalry between California and Texas.  Last week, California's attorney general announced all state-funded travel to Texas is banned due to what the Golden State considers a discriminatory law.  At issue is House Bill 3859, passed by this year's legislature and recently signed into law.  "It allows for a religious exception for parents or for folks putting their child up for adoption to choose where they want to put their child, essentially," says John Wittman, spokesman for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Texas is now one of eight states on California’s banned travel list, based on supposed discriminatory laws.  Wittman tells KTRH that Texas isn't losing any sleep over California's action.  "The state of California can stop its state employees from coming to Texas, but they certainly can't stop all the businesses that are fleeing over-taxation and over-regulation and moving to Texas," he says.  And Wittman has a point.  In 2015, Texas gained more transplants from California than from any other state.

Texas leaders also point out that California's own governor seems to have a sliding standard when it comes to laws or policies deemed "discriminatory."  "Two weeks ago Governor Jerry Brown was in China, talking to them about the climate agreement," says Wittman.  "However, he won't come to Texas but apparently he'll go to China, where the human rights abuses and gay rights abuses over there are far worse than most countries."

"It is ludicrous, but what's even more ridiculous is the fact that it's so hypocritical," says Wittman. 

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