You Can Find Your Perfect Job on the Internet

We live in a nation where employers can't find qualified job applicants, while thousands of people are desperate to get a job. Now, internet giant Google Search is getting into the game.

Houston-based Wynn Solutions CEO Garrison Wynn says putting people and their ideal job together has always been an inexact science.

“People are showing up for jobs they're not qualified for,” Wynn says. “There could be a job out there you're qualified for (and) you just don't know it.”

Google is working with partners like Monster, CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter.

There has been something of a disconnect in the workplace.

“They (businesses) have a very difficult time finding people to hire and, yet, the world at large is desperately seeking a job,” he points out. “That doesn't really match up very well.”

Google Search will even let you search information like commute times and crime stats in areas where you might live.

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