Texas Lawmakers Wrestle With Long List of Jobs

It's questionable whether Texas legislators can resolve all 20-plus issues on the table at this month's special session. Newspaper columnist Bud Kennedy says Texans don't care much about the bathroom bil.

“It's a Houston phenomenon,” Kennedy says, “that has very little traction in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

Kennedy says, as the regular session was ending, it seems the House version of the bathroom bill was going to be accepted.

“It seems to have changed since the regular session. I don't see it getting to the floor,” he says. “It still has to come out of committee and I don't see the committee moved it out in the House.”

There's more hope for a decision about sanctuary cities, since most Texans think local law enforcement should work with federal immigration officials.

The list of 20-plus items for the session, Kennedy says, gives the governor “good cover.”

“He's put out this list of very conservative things he'd like to do,” he says. “If the legislature doesn't get them done, he can say, 'Well, I tried.'"

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