Worries about Blackouts and overheated Cars

ERCOT, the operator of the Texas power grid, says there should be enough power to make it through summer without the need for rolling blackouts or brownouts. But it is the time of year we see children and pets left in overheated cars.

HPD Lieutenant Chris Baltazar says if you see a child or pet struggling, don't just immediately break in; you could be prosecuted.

"You can't tell a person to do something illegal; it's criminal mischief to damage a vehicle, but at the same time you're gonna have to weigh your options."

Lt Baltazar says, if possible, call 911.

"Call 911, that's not a situation to call the non-emergency number, you wanna call 911 and get someone en route as soon as possible to try to help relieve that situation."

If you think you have to break in to save a life the DA will decide to prosecute on a case by case basis. Lt Baltazar says if you save a life you probably won't be prosecuted, but he can't guarantee it.

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