POLL: Are We close to having a Woman NFL Kicker?

There's a lot of buzz about an 18-year-old Arizona woman who's on a path to possibly become the first female player in the NFL. Becca Longo is the first woman to earn a football scholarship with a division one or two football team -- Adams State in Colorado.

Sportstalk 790's Greg Koch is a member of the Green Bay Packers hall of fame.

"I have no problem with a girl; if she's the best kicker you've got, run her out there."

Koch says he'd let his daughter do the same thing, but there are concerns.

"I'd be a little scared for her, as far as her size, and if somebody were to take a shot at her on the field -- you know, a grown man."

If a field goal attempt is blocked, for example, that'd be a live ball and someone would have to block her 5'11 145-pound body.

But Koch says the NFL would have to make changes to accommodate women -- she really shouldn't be in a locker room showering and changing with men.

"They would have to make special accommodations for her; there's no way she could be in an NFL locker room -- it wouldn't be in the team's best interest and it wouldn't be in her best interest."

About a dozen women have played college football.

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