We’ve Almost Found Evidence of Life in Space

For as long as man has reasoned we have wondered if there are other reasonable life forms out there beyond the stars.  Dr. Chris Impey, an Astronomy professor at the University of Arizona believes we’re on the cusp of discovery.  “I put my money on detecting microbial life in 10 to 15 years, but not at all detecting intelligent life,” he told Futurism magazine.  He says the best bet will be Europa, one of the many moons orbiting Jupiter and the sixth largest.

That’s also where Mary Kyle, founder of Texas UFO Sightings, expects some piece of high tech gear is likely to find life, given that two new moons were recently discovered. “So now the total count of moons surrounding Jupiter is 69.  That’s a lot of potential for life.  Obviously, E.T. life,” she tells KTRH News.  And she’s willing to go further in her predictions than Dr. Impey.  “Yes, I think there’s a decent chance we could actually find some intelligent life out there,” she suggests.

Europa is believed to have an atmosphere not entirely dissimilar to earths.  It is comprised on an iron core and has a saltwater ocean.  NASA is working with the European Space Agency to explore the watery planet to determine the potential for the development of microscopic life.


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