What kind of shape is the Democratic Party in?

The Democrats suffered losses they never thought they would last year, most specifically the White House. Some think the party is in worse shape than you’re being led to believe.

The Democratic super PAC Priorities USA did the 'autopsy' and found the party lost more than just white voters. They also found views on immigration conflicted with 'fundamental party tenets.' Houston Democratic Strategist Mustafa Tameez says he's heard this before. And he doesn’t buy it at all.

“There was an autopsy done by the Republican Party right before big wins last year that it would no longer work if it didn’t reach out to minority groups,” Tameez said, adding that that ‘autopsy’ was wrong given the results of the November election.

Tameez thinks the Democrats could make big gains in the midterms next year, and says he compares it to what we saw with the rise of the Tea Party in 2009 and 2010.

“Many said a lot of Tea Party members were not Republicans, but angry folks that lean Republican. We see the same kind of energy on the Democratic side now,” Tameez explained, adding he thinks the Democrats will pick up wins up and down the ballot next year.

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