A Fountain of Youth?

If you'd like to live to 120, science may have an answer. Research has shown the amino acids known as 'Peptides' may trigger our cells to keep on living.

Dr. Shane Magee at Kelsey-Seybold says life expectancy will undoubtedly lengthen.

"I think that'll still be on the outside of what's normal but certainly more and more people will live healthfully into the 100s and some will live to be 120, hopefully."

Life expectancy is around 80 now. Dr. Magee says it may take a few decades to ramp up significantly.

"I think that number's not going to be moving too much in the near future but perhaps in 30 or 40s years we might see more average in the 90s."

However, Dr. Magee says if you're expecting some sort of miracle pill that'll make you live an extra 40 years, don't hold your breath. He says a long life will still depend on a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

"We do have some medications to help but it's gonna be the basics of course; you'll need the right kind of diet and exercising regularly, maintaining activity and maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding noxious habits -- we're never going to get away from those things."

Researchers in Switzerland believe one key to living to 120 will be amino acids called 'Peptides' which are found in food supplements and skin creams.

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