Is the media doing Russia’s job for them?

There are Republicans who believe the mainstream media is playing into Russia’s hands when it comes to the controversy surrounding the election and ties, if any, to this President.

The theory goes like this. Russia puts out a story about some connection to President Trump, and they run with it. The theory says this this has the feel of a classic Russia 'disinformation campaign.' RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong buys into that.

“The ignorant folks out there, they will grab hold to a story that is negative about our President irrespective of the source, where it comes from or any evidence,” Armstrong explained.

And as for the leaks to the media, a new poll from Rasmussen says over half of you agree that they are treason. Armstrong also agrees.

“I think it is an act of treason, but it falls right in line with the hyper-partisanship that we have today,” Armstrong stated.

And it does fall along party lines. 73% of Republicans consider the leaks treason, but just 36% don't. 50% of Independents see the leaks as treasonous acts, too.

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