Zuckerberg: Fight against nationalism “struggle of our time”

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg recently raised eyebrows when he said during a commencement speech that the fight against nationalism is “the struggle of our time.”

It's a direct shot at President Trump, who used nationalism as a tool to win the White House. Rice University political scientist Mark Jones told KTRH Zuckerberg is just a bit off base.

“I would say he’s wrong. He lives in a reality that’s different from the overwhelming majority of the world’s inhabitants,” Jones explained.

Jones adds that Zuckerberg is part of the elites who consider themselves 'global citizens.’ Zuckerberg is also calling for a 'universal basic income,' which Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis says he has issues with.

“There’s different type of value that different types of labor adds to the process. A coder gets paid more than someone who dusts the furniture,” Lewis explained.

In other words, Zuckerberg may be calling for that universal basic income, but he isn't likely putting that into practice at Facebook.

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