Lack of evidence against Trump forces mainstream media to shift focus

There has been no evidence up until this point that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia when it comes to the election that saw him beat Hillary Clinton in November. But that might not matter to the mainstream media at the end of the day.

That's because they seem to have shifted their focus, and apparently for them, a cover-up is enough to take Trump down. Don Hooper with Big Jolly Politics told KTRH that sets a very bad precedent.

“It’s dangerous because the media is running on an allegation, not any facts,” Hooper stated.

But he also says the support that the President has from his base and voters may 'Trump' anything the mainstream media tries to do to him.

“I said last week that if a Congressional candidate can slam a reporter to the ground and be elected I think that will tell you the sentiment of what people think about the media’s opinion about Trump,” Hooper explained.

And as we all saw, that candidate, Montana's Greg Gianforte, won his election over his Democratic opponent late last week despite the firestorm that surrounded his confrontation with a reporter from The Guardian.

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