POLL: Lots of Millennials are getting their News from Facebook

Despite all the fake news, a new poll finds 40% of millennials are getting most of their news from Facebook. If that horrifies you, a Houston social media expert says it shouldn't come as a surprise.

Adriana Villarreal is president of Drive West Communications.

"The trend we're seeing is that people wake up and the first thing they do is check their phones to see what they missed on Facebook from their friends and family the night before."

Villarreal says Facebook is an echo chamber with friends who mostly agree with you, so you trust what they post.

"Because they're friends and family we tend to trust that more than we would something that we see, maybe, on television."

Before you parents get cocky, a Pew survey last year found 62% of American adults get news from social media, but it isn't necessarily the primary source.

"Facebook makes it very, very easy for us to be able to simply look at our phones and get news that we need on demand; something like three quarters of Americans get news from a mobile device, whether it be from Facebook or Twitter."

Facebook says it's working to reduce the number of fake news stories and users now have the option to report hoaxes when they see them.

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