New Protection for Texas Police and Judges

In response to the ambush that killed six officers in Dallas last year and the murder of a judge in Austin two years ago, the state legislature has passed a bill that would make attacks on police and judges hate crimes.

Houston Police Officers Union president Ray Hunt says officers would welcome the law.

"It's a sign that our lawmakers are taking this very seriously and any time that someone's attacked because of the uniform they're wearing; if that's not a hate crime I don't know what is."

Groups like Black Lives Matter have whipped democrats into a frenzy and the lives of judges and police officers have never been more threatened.  Hunt says officers would welcome any deterrent.

"If you're not planning to go out and attack police officers simply because of the uniform they're wearing you should not be one bit concerned about this law."

Any attack that results in serious bodily injury to a cop or a judge would be a first degree felony. When the governor signs the bill, it'll become law September 1st.

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