Poll: Half of whites feel like ‘strangers’ in United States

A new poll shows nearly half of white, working class Americans feel like they are ‘strangers in their own country.’

Forty-eight percent feel this way, to be exact. And it appears a lot of this may stem from political correctness and what happens to someone whose opinion does not 'toe the line.' Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review told KTRH this makes a lot of sense to him.

“America used to be tolerant. We used to encourage people to disagree in a civil way,” Polland said.

And he says a lot of this feeling simply comes from the left saying they are tolerant of others, while acting very differently.

“The whole idea here from the intolerant left is to shout down the opposition. The only speech they want to hear is the speech they agree with,” Polland explained.

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