Can you trust off of these medical studies?

Almost every day it seems like there’s a new study that either scares you or leaves you wondering if you should do something you’re not doing right now. But here’s a surprise for you. Most of these studies are bogus.

It seems like every time there's a study out, it seems there's a new one a week later disputing the results of the first one. On top of that half of the studies don’t hold water under serious follow up scrutiny. KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati says part of the problem is information overload.

“There is too much information. You have to look at the source of the original study,” Galati explained. “You have to look at who is underwriting the study. Is it somebody that has a special interest in the results?”

In the end, Galati says you have to do your own research.

“If it is too good to be true, it’s probably not true,” Galati stated.

And he adds that he and most doctors are trained to look at studies done by major, ethical medical journals to get their information.

“We are not getting our information and making our decisions at the checkout counter,” Galati said.

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