POLL QUESTION: Texas Senate passes school bus seat belt law

A bill that just passed in the Texas Senate would require seat belts on all new school buses in Texas. Even though it’s a bill that seems like it’s common sense, there were lawmakers against it.

And those lawmakers would be Republican. It passed 25 to 6; among those voting against it were Konni Burton and Don Huffines. Manny Garcia with the Texas Democratic Party told KTRH it doesn't make any sense.

“It’s mind boggling how anybody would be willing to put our children at risk. I have two children in the public school system. It really pains me and concerns me,” Garcia explained.

And Garcia says the bill, if you look at it closely, isn't one anybody should have opposed because it's about the safety of your kids.

“The bill says any new bus purchased from 2018 forward, regardless of state funding, you need to make sure you have three-point seat belts on it,” Garcia stated.

We tried multiple times to talk to Senators Burton and Huffines. Neither one was able to speak with us, as their staffers told KTRH they were busy with other legislative session responsibilities.

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