POLL QUESTION: Democrats haven’t had a lot of success in Trump’s First 100 Days

A lot of attention has been given to President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. Not nearly as much attention has been given to the democrats and their first 100 days under Trump.

RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong from Galveston says the Democrats don’t have a lot to pat themselves on the back for as far as their first 100 days are concerned.

“President Trump has turned back regulations that Obama put in place. Everything Obama put in place by executive order is being reversed,” Armstrong told KTRH News.

And then there was the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, which Democrats fought and ultimately lost. Simply put, Armstrong tells KTRH the Democrats’ plan has been lacking in anything of substance; that all they do is oppose everything the President wants or has tried to do.

“They have attacked him mercilessly. They really have nothing to offer right now. No one knows what they believe. They are trying to figure out what they believe. They were decimated in the election,” Armstrong explained.

And Armstrong says that if things don't change between now and next year, they won't have success against Republicans in the midterms a year from November.

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