Are illegal immigrants staying away because of fear?

New numbers show that President Donald Trump’s policies have succeeded in at least slowing down the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

The reason for this appears to be Trump’s rhetoric. Illegals might be afraid to try crossing the border illegally because they know if they are caught, they will be sent back.

“I think that’s kind of a negative term for it. But if they want to call it fear that’s fine. The fact is they realize now that America is going to enforce the laws,” Janet Thomas with the anti-illegal immigration group Stop the Magnet explained.

Border apprehensions have gone from 40,000 a month last year to just over 12,000 in March. And Thomas told KTRH the trend needs to continue.

“They are going to have to hire more border patrol agents. They are going to have to get really, really tough on enforcement,” Thomas stated.

And there's this for those concerned about assimilating new immigrants. Some places that offer U.S. citizenship classes are seeing their class sizes double from what they were just one year ago.

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