‘Simpsons’ latest show to take shot at Trump Administration

“The Simpsons’ is doing what the rest of liberal Hollywood seems to be doing. They’re taking shots at President Trump. But, they may have sunk to a new low last night.

The trailer for last night's episode had a scene where Press Secretary Sean Spicer committed suicide. It also poked fun at President Trump’s first 100 days in office. The episode that aired last night actually had nothing to do with the promotional trailer.  Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center says it is a trick the show has used before to get attention, that it's a new low, but not unexpected.

“Hollywood has been out to get the right, and particularly out to get President Trump since before he became President,” Gainor stated.

But Gainor says had this been a Democratic President, and especially if it had been Hillary Clinton in the White House, you would have seen something very different.

“They celebrate the Clintons. It’s how Chelsea Clinton gets treated with all sorts of grandiose respect from all sorts of media quarters,” Gainor explained, adding that the media elite and Hollywood has tried for 25 years to try and get Clinton elected to the Presidency.

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