Stock Market Hopes Fresh Uptick Continues

Wall Street will look to build on Tuesday’s gains after a multi-day slump.

Unless triple-digit gains — like the one seen Tuesday — keep coming, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poors 500 index are about to record their first monthly losses since Donald Trump was elected president.

Texas-based financial expert Wendi Staib of Silver Sail Wealth Advisors says people shouldn't panic ... but maybe watch for opportunity.

She tells NewsRadio KTRH there’s no need for panic either way.

For those worried about their 401(k) retirement accounts, she says people should stay the course.

After a run of big gains since the election, the market's new byword may be volatility.

Market watchers will be looking Wednesday to see if the uptick continues.

Wall Street closed Tuesday with the Dow up 151 points, to 20,701.50

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