Democrats trying to distract you with hearings on Russia

A House Committee was scheduled to hold hearings today on Russia’s alleged role in the election. That hearing, as of late last week, was pushed back. Some think this is the left’s continued attempt to keep your eyes and ears away from what really matters.

Many of you supporting the President think the establishment media is just trying to downplay what Trump has already done. Don Hooper at Big Jolly Politics agrees.

“It’s fascinating they continue on this line. Eventually someone is going to ask about Hillary Clinton and uranium deposits she managed to manipulate for her friends that are the Russians,” Hooper explained.

There is no solid evidence proving the Russia allegations, just innuendo. There is evidence Trump team members were put under surveillance by then-President Obama. But the mainstream media isn't concentrating on that.

“It’s the narrative. Conservatives are the bad guys. It follows the narrative that President Trump and conservatives are bad people,” Hooper stated.

Once the hearing is rescheduled, former CIA Director John Brennan is expected to be among those testifying.

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