Report: 22% of domestic help not here legally

According to new research, almost a quarter of domestic help in the United States; maids and landscapers, are being provided by people who are not here legally.

The left leaning Pew Research Center says that number is at 22%, and David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration reform told KTRH thinks that number is kind of low, because we don't know how many illegals are really here.

“There are probably about 11 million illegal immigrants in the country right now. They must be basing their estimates on that,” Ray stated.

Those on the right say they want illegals deported, but it's a different story when it comes to the people that actually work for them. We've seen stories of officials who have employed illegals in the past. Ray says they have to be consistent.

“While you might lose your personal landscaper because they are here illegally, a very eager legal resident will be looking to fill that position,” Ray explained, adding that there are still citizens in large numbers that are not in the work force right now that actually want to work.

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