The Judge Gorsuch Inquisition Begins Monday

Democrats' searing, white hot hatred for Donald Trump  means they'll try to "Bork" respected judge Neil Gorsuch, who begins his Supreme Court confirmation process today.

But South Texas College of Law Houston Constitutional law Professor Gerald Treece says republicans would do the same.

"It wouldn't even matter if Hillary Clinton had won and nominated somebody the answer would be the same; the person is gonna get barbecued."

Senate republicans refused to hold hearings for President Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland.

Professor Treece says this will be just like hearings for other Trump nominees; Senators will pretend Judge Gorsuch has never been vetted.

"They're gonna talk about fair and unfair criticisms of this judge, despite the fact he was unanimously confirmed the Court of Appeals."

Professor Treece says the judge's stellar legal record hardly matters.

"If he was the worst person in the world and didn't have any credentials he's gonna get the same treatment, which is unfair treatment in the Senate Judiciary Committee."

Professor Treece says Senators will pretend Judge Gorsuch has never been vetted and they'll try to tar and feather him as an evil racist. But Treece suspects the GOP will have to use the "nuclear option" to confirm Judge Gorsuch on a simple majority vote.

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