Study: 23% of public school kids live in immigrant homes

According to some new research, almost 25% of all public school kids live in immigrant households.

The numbers come from the Center for Immigration Studies, and researcher Steven Camarota told KTRH the numbers in Texas are more eye popping.

“In the state of Texas, 31% of public school students come from immigrant households,” Camarota explained, adding that in Houston that number is 40 percent.

Hans von Spakovsky with the Heritage Foundation says this has a major impact on the schools, and how your kids are taught.

“Schools are strained trying to find the kind of teachers who can teach these kids English, and bring them up to speed to match that of their other students,” von Spakovsky said.

Von Spakovsky blames the left, and says they push the idea that assimilation is wrong. To put this 23% number nationally in perspective, back in 1980 the number was just 7% of public school kids living in immigrant households.

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