Do you have a right to healthcare?

As the debate continues over the Republican’s proposed plan to replace Obamacare, there seems to be another debate that’s going on right now.

If you’ve turned on any of the mainstream media news networks, you may have seen anchors asking their guests if healthcare is a right. David Weinberger with the Federalist recently wrote that he doesn't think so.

“The problem with legislating that healthcare is a right on its own says instead that it becomes a categorical duty of government to provide it,” Weinberger explained.

He believes that just because our rights are secured by government doesn't mean they must be provided by government. It's something that Josh Blackman at the South Texas College of Law in Houston agrees with.

“Consider the Bill of Rights. It’s a misnomer. It doesn’t actually give us right. The First Amendment doesn’t say we have the freedom of speech. It says that Congress can abridge it,” Blackman said, adding that healthcare as a right sounds good, but there is no law on the books that actually mandates it.

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