Cartoonist suggests stopping visas to countries that kill gays

The left is all up in arms over President Donald Trump’s ‘travel ban,’ but a recent political cartoon suggested something that might make liberals think again.

A recent Millard Fillmore political cartoon suggested the President should put the travel ban on countries that kill members of the LGBT community. Texas Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says while that won't happen; it would present the left with an interesting problem.

“It would make them choose between two of their favorite constituencies; one is the religion of Islam and the other is the LGBT community,” Mackowiak stated.

So why would something like this send the left into confusion?

“The Democratic Party doesn’t really have a consistent ideology; it’s more of a collection of interest groups. When you pit those interest groups against each other it puts them in a very difficult place,” Mackowiak explained.

As of now, four of the six countries on the current ban list punish you with death if you are convicted of being gay. KTRH reached out to several members of the Texas LGBT community. They did not talk to us for this story.

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