Mexican Consulates to Aid Criminal Aliens in U.S.

Mexico is firing back at the Trump administration's attempt to round up criminal aliens by launching a $50 million effort to keep them in the U.S.

Mexican consulates across the U.S. will reportedly join forces with law schools and other services to help assist foreign nationals.  Critics argue the country is trying to keep remittance payments flowing.

“It now amounts to about $25 billion a year that they receive from people working in the United States who send money back to Mexico, and it helps keep their economy alfoat,” says Ira Mehlman at the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“The Mexican government for decades has been exporting its dissatisfied people to the United States rather than addressing the problems in Mexico.”

The Mexican consulate in Houston serves a half-million nationals who live in the area.  Mehlman says this new campaign will further bog down the deportation process.

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