Austin ISD moves to ban suspensions for youngest students

The Austin ISD has voted to stop suspensions for children between Pre-K and third grade. It’s not necessarily a new policy in Texas, as other local districts have been doing this for years.

HISD has had this in place for a couple of years and would not talk to KTRH despite repeated requests to go on the record. Education expert Gloria Mansfield isn't a big fan of the policy, but says it's worth talking about; and that discipline should be coming from the home.

“It’s the parent’s responsibility. When the children come into classroom we continue with the process. But the seed of consequences should be sewn in at home,” Mansfield explained.

Adding that's been the way it's been for years, and should continue.

“That has not changed. It’s still in fashion. Character is like Grandma’s cooking; it’s still home made,” Mansfield stated.

Klein ISD told KTRH they do not remove children from class if they are younger than six years old.

“Klein ISD reviews policy and procedures regularly and administers discipline consequences in accordance with Board Policy FO (Legal and Local) as well as Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code.  Currently, regarding DAEP placement, our Student Code of Conduct currently states “A student younger than age six may not be removed from class and placed in a DAEP.” Additionally, regarding expulsions, our Student Code of Conduct currently states “A student younger than ten (10) years of age may not be expelled for engaging in conduct described in this section except as required by Federal law,” the district said in a statement.

Katy ISD does not have this specific language on the books, though they told KTRH they look at other avenues before suspension.

“The District does not have language that specifically prohibits the suspension of students from Pre-K to second grade.  Local practice does require administrators to consider other disciplinary options before suspension,” that district told KTRH News in a statement.

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