Pro-Trump rallies kick off today around the country

You’ve seen the protests against President Donald Trump. They’ve gotten a lot of coverage for the last number of months. But today, you might start seeing something very different; pro-Trump rallies.

Those rallies will take place across the country today, on March the 4th and here in Houston on March 11th. Tania Vojvodic is the event coordinator for the Spirit of America Rallies being put on by the Main Street Patriots.

“The main focus is unity. We support President Trump and his policies. Certainly, the biggest policy that’s being pushed out there right now is illegal immigration,” Vojvodic said.

And she says this movement will last far beyond the rallies you'll see these next few weeks.

“It doesn’t stop. We’re going to continue forward. We have the 2018 elections coming up. Those campaigns are going to be ramping up,” Vojvodic explained.

Vojvodic says the rallies are open to anyone supporting the President; Republicans and Trumpocrats - the Democrats that support President Trump.

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