Texas Looks to Clean Up Voter ID Law

Texas Republicans have unveiled legislation to bring the state's voter ID law into compliance with recent court rulings that claim the current law discriminates against minorities.

“You're essentially taking what the federal courts have said is necessary to fix the law and make that fix permanent,” says Logan Churchwell, spokesperson for the Public Interest Legal Foundation.  “So this could wrap up the voter ID case and make sure that Texas still has its voter ID law largely intact.”

Senate Bill 5 from Houston state Sen. Joan Huffman add options, such as a utility bill, bank statement or paycheck, for Texans who say they cannot “reasonably” obtain one of seven forms of ID currently required at the polls.

“It gives them alternatives to show who they are and attest to their identity and cast a regular ballot at the same time,” says Churchwell.

“This information will help the state and the counties understand who needs assistance in gaining proper ID so they don't have keep using an affidavit over and over again.”

However, those who lie about not having a photo ID could be charged with a third-degree felony which carries a two to ten-year prison sentence.

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