Project Veritas exposes CNN; O’Keefe to speak in Houston

Project Veritas and James O’Keefe made waves in a big way this week. O’Keefe released over a hundred hours of behind the scenes recordings that show CNN employees showing bias towards the left. The tapes span over a number of years.

O’Keefe will be in Houston on Saturday to speak at the Lincoln Dinner being held by the Bay Area Republican Women. O’Keefe told KTRH on Thursday it’s not just about CNN, it’s about all media. And he’s offering a reward for you to turn them in.

“We will expose you. We will make you and unwilling internet celebrity. We will make you famous,” O’Keefe said.

And how much money is O’Keefe offering for this kind of evidence?

“We’re giving out ten thousand dollars for anyone who brings me audio within the media. If it’s good enough we’ll pay you ten thousand dollars,” O’Keefe said.

The Lincoln Dinner is already sold out.

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