Trump promises hitting the reality of Washington

President Donald Trump said he would move quickly on Obamacare, border security and other issues like tax cuts as soon as he took office. But, he’s finding that D.C. doesn’t move as quickly as he’d like it to.

It's not because of anything Trump hasn't done. Don Hooper at Big Jolly Politics told KTRH it's about opposition from Democrats, establishment Republicans, and the fact that Washington simply doesn't move fast for anything or anyone.

“There’s no question. Congress is always that thing that undoes campaign promises,” Hooper stated.

But Allan Saxe, political scientist at UT-Arlington says it's way too early in the game to think this will all stop him.

“He’s only been in office for about a month. Almost every President has to recognize that there are going to be obstacles,” Saxe explained, adding Presidents like Bill Clinton faced similar issues when he took office in 1993.

As for Obamacare, President Trump said yesterday that the administration would be moving on it in March.

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