Sugar Land Adopts Hands-Free Driving Ordinance

Sugar Land City Council votes to adopt a "hands-free" ordinance for anyone driving and talking on their cell phone.  Violators could face fines of up to $500 if police catch you talking on your cell phone while driving.

“We're seeing more and more instances where drivers are just unaware of their surroundings, simply because they have their head buried in their phone,” says assistant police chief Scott Schultz who says the law only applies when your vehicle is moving.

“If you're in a parking lot, even at a stop sign or a red light, it is permissible to use it at that point,” he says.  “And there is an exception for emergenies if you're calling 911.”

Schultz is hoping Bluetooth and other “hands-free” technology become common place while driving.

“There are other alternatives like headsets and mounts for your phone that attach to your windshield or a vent, they have magnets out now that you can actually attach your phone to the dash, the main purpose is we're trying to keep the phones out of the driver's hands.”

Sugar Land Police is planning a public awareness campaign ahead of the new "hands-free" ordinance going into effect March 20.  Plus, there will be a 90-day moratorium until the law is fully implemented.

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