What is the impact of illegal immigration on the economy?

Many of you reading this right now probably want President Donald Trump to solve the problem of illegal immigration. But a new one might pop up if he actually did; an economical one.

The research was done by Wallet Hub, and analyst Jill Gonzalez says Texas would be hit hard if that part of the population were gone.

“Right now about 21% of the work force is foreign born. That ranks seventh in the United States plus D.C.,” Gonzalez explained.

Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis told KTRH the local economy might take a hit, and while that may open up jobs for American citizens; those jobs may not necessarily be what Americans actually want.

“You hire American teens or college students to work in restaurants or in cleaning type jobs they are going to think they are too good for the job,” Lewis stated.

And Gonzalez says if foreign born owned businesses that generate jobs went away; the state's unemployment rate could go up by three and a half percent.

“Foreign born owned businesses generate about three and a half percent of total jobs in Texas,” Gonzalez said.

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