Is politics killing the popularity of pop culture?

After what we’ve seen at awards shows like the Grammys with artists talking about politics; after what we’ve seen pro athletes like Colin Kaepernick do with regard to social issues, there are those that believe politics is killing the popularity of pop culture.

Breitbart Editor Daniel J. Flynn, the man who wrote 'The War on Football: Saving America's Game,' told KTRH exactly how this is happening.

“You had players kneeling for the National Anthem, turning an apolitical activity into a political one. The results of that were just disastrous for the ratings,” Flynn explained. “At the Grammys you had Busta Rhymes calling President Trump names. You had artists urging viewers to Google a transgender teen to highlight the issue of transgender bathrooms.”

The bottom line, Flynn says, is that the mainstream media, our entertainers, and pro athletes seem to think the rest of the country should be like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC are - very, very left.

“This kind of disgust shows that they are wrong in their assumptions that the rest of the country is exactly like it is where they are living,” Flynn said, adding that they don't understand that Middle America and the South, where many voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump, don't think the way the mainstream media does.politic

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