Abortion Advocates Look to Undo Texas Restrictions

A coalition of pro-abortion groups in Texas has launched a campaign to push what advocates call reproductive rights in the Lone Star State.

Nan Kirkpatrick with the Texas Equal Access Fund says many young women have no other choice but abortion, but state lawmakers have stripped away their rights.

“They deserve access to safe, legal abortions, it is their right,” Kirkpatrick said during a press conference Wednesday.  “But  without economic justice and equitable health policy, they cannot exercise their right.”

However, Texas Right to Life's Emily Horne argues the state has, and continues to pour money into its Alternatives to Abortion program.

“It helps them with materials and social services, some job counseling to try to help them get jobs, and it also provides increased funding to maternity homes and adoption agencies,” she said.

State Rep. Donna Howard, an Austin Democrat, has introduced numerous bills relating to women's health, abortion and contraception.

“Over 50 percent of pregnancies in this state are paid for by Medicaid, so that has a significant impact on the taxpayer,” she said.

Horne says too often these groups unfortunately lump abortion in with legitimate health concerns.

“Medical leave, leave to go have a family or breastfeeding, those do not meet the same opposition as abortion, but when they are put in the same bills or measures that are attached to abortion, that is when they meet that widespread opposition,” said Horne.

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