Texas Leads in Recovery from the Great Recession

Economists agree, Texas has recovered sooner than most other states from the Great Recession. Texas cities top a national list of the most recovered cities.

Texas economist Dr. Ray Perryman agrees.

"During the time the other states got back to even Texas got back to even and added two and half times more jobs, so certainly, Texas led the recovery."

Dr. Perryman says, overall, he's encouraged by the Trump administration, but on some issues we'll just have to wait and see.

"Some of the proposals on taxes and regulation, particularly regulation of the energy industry, would help. On the other hand, some of the restrictions on trade and the workforce would be detrimental; a lot depends on what ultimately shakes out."

More so than other states, Texas added more than just burger flipping jobs in recent years.

Dr. Perryman says the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting 20,000 doesn't mean much for Texas, but it's certainly a good sign.

"We have some companies that are performing quite well in several sectors; it's more of a psychological thing than anything else, but it does send a signal that markets are doing well."

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