ERCOT States They have Power Enough for Us!

It's 100 degrees outside.
You retreat inside your home.
Your Air Conditioner is running at full blast.
You remember Power Outages in your past.

To see if you have anything to worry about, you check the ERCOT web site to check on the grid and power availability. Here's what you find*:

There are currently over 6,600 Megawatts of power in their operating reserves.
ERCOT states that means there is enough power for current demand.

You crank the thermostat down a degree or two and find M*A*S*H reruns to watch.

*Numbers may vary by the day and hour you go to the page.

photo: Getty

Heat advisories mean you can't go you bring it inside!

Photo: demaerre / iStock / Getty Images

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