Pharmacists and Patients are seeing Drug Shortages

There's a pharmaceutical shortage in the U.S. and patients and pharmacists are worried. Health Business Expert Todd Furniss says semaglutides are one of the most scarce. "Drugs that are getting a lot of attention right now fight against adult obesity. Almost 40% of American adults are obese. " Furniss adds that during and after Covid, anti-anxiety drug Aderall became very popular and is now harder to find. "People who needed to stay focused with ADHD problems and many needed Adderall to overcome this."

As Drug Prices Rise, Pharmacists Opt Out of Insurance

He says the U.S. could do better. "We not managing our supply chain very well right now. We get a lot of our meds -and med components- out of China right now. What we really need to be doing is putting our drug manufacturing money into the United States."

Furniss predicts the shortages will continue into 2023.

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Adderall Pills are getting scarceDocument: Getty Images

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