CRT Still Being Pushed Under Guise of "Social Emotional Learning" Agenda

Texas and dozens of other states now have laws preventing critical race theory in the classroom, but many of the concepts are still being taught under the guise of mental health.

"Social Emotional Learning," or SEL, was sold as a way to teach children self-awareness about sex, even death.

"But suicide? I don't see how you can justify assigning books to children that have characters contemplating taking their own life or dying," says Dr. Carol Swain, distinguished senior fellow for constitutional studies with the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Swain believes SEL has helped fuel a 350-percent increase in children suicides since 2000.

"Go the 'Libs of TikTok' and watch some of the videos put out by teachers who clearly have deeply emotional issues that are teaching in public and private schools," she says. "They're there targeting young children."

She urges parents to keep schools in check, assuring they are not alone.

"There is Moms for Liberty, Moms for America and organizations that have pulled together materials and strategies for parents."

Photo: Maskot

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