Numerous Alexa Owners Report Hearing Creepy Laugh

As Amazon's wildly popular 'intelligent personal assistant' Alexa finds  its way into more and more homes, reports of weird activity emanating  from the device have begun to emerge.

A number of owners have expressed considerable unease on social media  after hearing the always-listening gadget unleash a creepy laugh  seemingly for no apparent reason.

One unnerved user who heard the haunting laugh while trying to fall  asleep one night mused, perhaps only half-jokingly, on Twitter that  "there's a good chance I get murdered tonight."

Another person on Reddit detailed how they were attempting to get the  device to shut off some Alexa-enabled lights in their home when the  device seemingly 'refused to listen' and then produced "an evil laugh."

More on this nightmarish story, including Amazon's surprising response to these reports, at the Coast to Coast AM website.