1)  Ok...you drew first blood...what evs..

2)  Somebody stop him...NOW!


3) This from mmqb.si.com and Peter King...

Houston, at No. 1, isn’t set on Jadeveon Clowney. In fact, one FORS (Friend of Rick Smith) told me the Texans general manager likes Khalil Mack over Clowney, and we still don’t know which quarterback Houston would choose if it chooses one first overall. I still think the Texans would go with a more sure thing with the first overall pick than a quarterback—and that sure thing could also be tackle Greg Robinson. But imagine Mack, the outside linebacker from the University of Buffalo, being the first pick in a stacked draft. Wouldn’t that be something—a second straight Mid-American Conference player (Eric Fisher, Central Michigan, by Kansas City) as the top pick in the NFL draft?

Is this a FORS?

4)  Say one of these for Pat Bev and his sprained knee..

5)  Astros try to snap their 7 game losing streak against her team tonight.  Her name is Tori Black.  She is an "actress" and from Seattle...