1)  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

2)  Let the Madness begin! Quick reminders..

a)  Don't fill out more than 1 bracket. Multi-bracket guy sucks..

b)  Unless you are playing in a company bracket for money...nobody cares how your bracket it

c)  Never utter the words..."I had that one." when it comes to a game you correctly picked.

d)  Don't act like you know anything about these teams. Cause you don't.

e)  a 9 seed beating a 8 seed isn't an upset..don't walk around town beating your chest.

3)  Congrats I guess Missy..

4)  Ok..he's back on twitter..

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And for those wondering, I've been medically cleared by my doctor.

His "friend" has no comment..


Again enjoy your St. Patty's Day!