So you want to know where the HBO cameras would follow Hard Knocks: Sportstalk 790!  We have the info:


1)  Adam Clanton:

A Day at Crossfit training

Shopping for Bedazzled Clothing

Tanning/bronzing at his local salon


2)  Lance Zierlein:

At home fighting w/his kids

With his wife explaining why he has to study so much o-line tape

Studying o-line tape in his spare bedroom


3)  Producer Michael Connor:

At any golf course looking for the junior rate even though he is 23.

Blind dates that he meets on



4)  ND Kalu:

At local drug store for sock shocking.

Evicting his tenants when they  don't pay their rent..."ND the Bounty Hunter"



5)  Uncle Greg:

Having to explain to his fiancé why there are so many Uncle Greg stories

Fighting with United's gate agents at the airport

Riding his Harley

6)  Matt Thomas

Doing Astros/Rockets postgame shows in his boxers from Kingwood Studios

Yelling at his kids

Catching up on his DVR'd episodes of The Price is Right and The Young and the Restless

7)  Ross Villarreal

Waiting up at 10:05 and getting to work by 11:00

Standing by his mailbox waiting for on his line poker checks to arrive.


 8)  Charlie Pallilo

Behind the scenes at his weekly Sunday softball game.

His tennis grudge matches with Ken Hoffman.

How a man his size can eat a 40 wing platter at Brewingz.



9)  Chris Gordy

Just staring endlessly at computer and LSU Tigers message boards.

At local karaoke bars singing Shaggy songs.