I finally did it..

Catch what she says towards the end..

Astros playing in Cleveland tonight...this is an interesting Indians fan!

Remember the last time the Texans played in Denver?

Arian was quite chatty yesterday...



(on how he has felt the last three days of practice) “I’m feeling good.”

(on if his hamstring or back is bothering him) “I’m feeling good, man.”

(on if he would like to play on Saturday) “I’m just going to keep on working, man, and however the chips fall, they will.”

(on how beneficial the practices against the Broncos have been for the team) “Extremely beneficial; in all the ways it can be beneficial.”

(on what would be at the top of his list of the three practices) “On it being beneficial to the team.”

(on practice getting chippy) “That’s just part of the game.”