With all the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, I’ve been catching some feedback on the way I say it.  Many of you point out there’s no “A” in Missouri. I point out that an  “I” can be pronounced as ee, eye, or ih……which comes out as uh, after all my years growing up in Texas.

But, I was born in Missouri, in the township Normandy, next to Ferguson, and I say the name just as my father did…and his parents and their parents….

It goes way back.

My great-great grandparents are buried in Franklin County, Missouri, so I feel comfortable with how I say it.

Photo provided by Shara Fryer.

In truth, there’s a split in Missouruh/Missouree over the pronunciation, even a split among my many, many cousins.  We argue about it at family reunions in the “Show Me State”.

Moving to Texas as a little girl, I’m a strong believer in “dancin’ with who brung ya”, so it remains Missouri for me.  But…Missouri City, because it’s in Texas and that’s what Missouri City residents say.