While many of us had our eyes peeled to what was happening in Williamsport…our Pearland Little Leaguers…I missed what was happening from my own backyard. The West University Seniors Little League, that’s 15 &16 year olds, make a comeback stand to win the World Series in Bangor, Maine.

2014 Champions of the World! Now that’s a title to wrap around yourself!


The story inside the story is what they make movies about.  An undefeated team that in World Series play lost, in sloppy and error-filled play to the team from Curacao.  Did they despair? No.


Unable to sleep anyway, they called a teammates only meeting late at night, and built up each other’s resolve.  The next day they trounced an American team from Maine, sending them to the Championship Game…..against Curacao, again.  Latin America went down 7-4….and our guys came home World Champs…but winners all-around in character.  Congrats!