If you were asked, what is your number one favorite book, what would you answer?

The Harris Poll queried 2234 American adults and the number one answer was the Bible, just as it was the last time they polled that question in 2008.

The second most-named book remained the same, too, “Gone with the Wind”. It’s down ballot in the top ten that you see changes over the past years and across gender, age, race and region.

Take a look yourself with the link I’ve posted. Would you name Moby Dick as a favorite or The Great Gatsby?  Maybe your favorite doesn’t make the list this time.

Interesting, to me, that political groups broken into Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Conservatives and Moderates all agreed on Gone with the Wind as their second favorite book, but Liberals named the Harry Potter series.  Apparently, they do believe in magic.


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