With so much of the world upside down, here’s something familiar to cling to, cheer you up…Texas boys playing baseball, and well.

The Pearland All-Star Little League players are headed to the Little League World Series which begins Thursday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. First game for Pearland is Friday and we will be on top of that on Houston’s Morning News.

These boys carry the pride of Pearland and all of Texas with them, not just as winners, but for what they represent… our own memories of summer days on the diamond and the many days of backyard catch, playing for the sheer fun of it.  Remember that?  The kids themselves are showing incredible self-possession in all the hoopla.  Their game plan?  (one we could all learn from)  Trust the coaches and play their best.

While we want them to win and win and win again, claiming the World title,  they’re already winners in the big game.